PiuSpazio Household and Business Self Storage units

Self Storage units for rent

Personal and Business storage solutions

Clean, Well-Lit & Secure Self Storage Units

We provide you with secure, clean and convenient storage units with month-to-month rental plans available and a variety of sizes that fit your needs. Residential and commercial solutions available.

Month to Month Plans

Rent your storage unit with our month-to-month plans. Whether you are in the process of moving or you are a commercial customer, we give you all the flexibility you need.

Secure and Dry

Our units have 24/7 cc video surveillance and the facilities are alarmed. You can rest assured. All our units are at or above ground level, so your furniture will be safe.

Affordable solutions

Units range from 1 to 125 m². Just pay for the space you actually use. You can store your furniture, your goods or anything that doesn't fit at home. If you decide to store with us for a long time, we'll treat you well.

Access anytime

Come and go whenever you like. Or don’t come at all, the unit is yours. You can access your unit anytime you want or need to without having to check yourself in.

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How does Self Storage work?

Just think of us as an extension of you home

Choose a unit

Find out how much space you need and choose the right size unit. Don’t stress, you can always change size if your needs change.

Reserve it

You can choose between our month-to-month plan or you can take advantage of our long term deals. 

Move in

Just bring your goods. You can use our complimentary flat carts and dollies to easily move in.

Our storage options and services

We’ve got you covered. Here at PiùSpazio you won’t just find the right unit for you, you will get the full package. From boxes to packing material, from moving services to truck rental, we will make your experience as stress-free as possible.  

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Household storage

Self storage solutions for:
• Moving
• Motorcycle & vehicle
• Sports equipment
• Declutter
• Furniture
• Much more

Business storage

Business storage solutions for:
• Startup & Freelancers

Construction storage
Retail inventory storage
Sales & marketing material
Much more

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Boxes and Moving

Anything you need for your moving experience:
• Truck rental
• Locks
• Packing material
• Boxes
• Moving services
• Custom services

Make room for new adventures
we've got space for all your gear

Choose the right size Self Storage unit for you

Small Storage

1m² to 4 m²

Fits the equivalent of a closet. Made to store small sized sports equipment, during a room renovation or to declutter.

Medium Storage

5m² to 10 m²

Perfect if you need to store the equivalent of a studio apartment, a single or small double room apartment.

Large Storage

11m² to 125 m²

Fits larger homes and apartments, large and oversize equipment and office furniture. Ready to store anything large. 


Self storage provides you the service of renting storage space divided into separate, private units. The units range goes from 1 m² to 125 m². We give you all the flexibility you need in terms of choice as well as rent period. Customers can choose between month-to-month contract plans or long term contracts. Storing your belonging with is a clean and safe solution to your storage needs. Customers can access their goods anytime they want.

You can store anything you want to unless the good is: dangerous to you or the other customers, pollutants, dangerous for the environment, explosives, stolen goods or anything that is not legal. Moreover, all goods have to be inanimate and not perishable.

Anyone who needs extra space. Customers understand the flexibility and security that Self Storage can provide to solve whatever problem they might have. Often it is used by people moving to another home, during renovations, to declutter their homes or simply to store some sporting equipment or collections. Business customers like the cost effective and flexible solutions that our units and contracts provide.

Price depends on many variables, notably availability, length of stay and unit size. Also we have many promotions going on that impact the price of a unit, such as the current 1st month at only 1Eur on contracts of at least two months. You can easily ask for a quotation before deciding to rent a unit.

The minimum length of a contract is 1 month. There is no maximum stay. Customers can choose between our month-to-month plans or prepay for long term periods in order to unlock additional discounts.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a safe environment. With multiple gates all accessible only through personalized codes, 24/7 cc surveillance and on site personnel, customers can rest assured. We believe that our customers must feel safe both when storing and when picking up their goods.

Access to one’s unit is granted exclusively to the customer that has signed the contract for that particular unit. Each customer is required to have a personal lock to secure his/her unit.

Here at PiuSpazio we want offer you a full experience. We know that in order for you to get organized you may need additional services such as truck rental or moving and packing materials. At our store you can find moving boxes of all sizes, coat hanger boxes, wrapping films and tapes. Additionally, all our facilities have carts and dollies to transport your goods in and out of the units.